Friday, 31 October 2008

RSPCA Turn up 2 Days Late to Help Trapped Cat

Cat Chelsea trapped in chimney for 4 days as RSPCA refuse to come out, then eventually turn up 2 days later !
Would they have been there faster if there was a film crew on site ?

MIRACULOUS moggy Chelsea has a Manchester United supporting firefighter to thank for keeping her nine lives intact.
The lucky cat was rescued by firefighters after getting stuck up a chimney at her Port Talbot home for four days, during some of the coldest weather of the year so far.
Owners Rhian James and her 20-year-old daughter Kayleigh Morris first discovered their two-year-old feline had gone missing last Sunday night.
"She doesn't go out normally," said Miss James.
"She's a home cat, but I couldn't find her anywhere on Sunday.
"I thought it was strange for her to go out because the weather was so bad.
"Later that evening I heard her miaowing and found her on top of the roof on the chimney — she was stuck and couldn't get down."
The 44-year-old, stayed up all night keeping an eye on her adventurous pet.
However, by Monday Chelsea had disappeared from view, having gone back down the chimney.
"I could hear her from my bedroom, and then she went silent," she said.
"I was so worried."
Repeated calls to the RSPCA frustrated Miss James because, initially, the organisation refused to come to rescue the cat.
And with Chelsea making no noise, her owners were starting to fear the worst.
"Kayleigh was distraught and thought Chelsea had frozen to death, but I told her not to give up.
"Chelsea is more than a cat, she is like one of the family.
"Our pet dog of 13 years, Prince, had recently been put down so we were hoping and praying Chelsea would be okay.
"I was at my wits' end, and was losing patience with the RSPCA."
Eventually, on Wednesday, an RSPCA officer came to the house and put in a request for the fire service to help.
Chelsea had managed to get herself trapped in a pothole within the chimney.
Two officers spent about an hour on the roof using extendable poles and a catcher to get her out.
"As soon as they arrived she started to miaow, and we knew she was alive," said Miss James.
"We were so relieved.
"The fireman who got her out was disappointed her name was Chelsea, though, as he is a Manchester United fan.
"But they were so determined and didn't give up until she was safe.
"They cradled her like a baby when they eventually got her out. We are so grateful to them."
As for Chelsea?
"She's lost a lot of weight but is slowly putting it back on," said Miss James.
"She's been spoiled rotten with extra cuddles and bowls of milk.
"I don't know how on earth she got up there, but we're not letting her out of our sight for a long time."

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