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Anonymous said...

whoever you are, we love you.

Anonymous said...

I have had the worst possible experience with the RSPCA last night and this morning regarding the abandonment and of two horses, dead ferret and lurcher. The woman who handled the situation was incompetent, ignorant, officious, rude and inept. I phoned the central office last night and no better. Who are the people working for this organization? How can you bring these failings to the attention of someone with the power to ensure the proper care will be taken? This organization is morally bankrupt.

Indigo brown said...

We recently had dealings with the rspca and were shocked to learn it is another top heavy admin orientated organization. The person that we spoke to could do with some basic phone skills.They told us to tie a rope around the animals neck tightly as this is the only way they can become involved to help the abandoned pet. Like a lot of other so called charities, rotten from the top down..

Indigo brown said...

rspca are rotten from the top down as are a lot of other so called charities. Thumbs down

chloe said...

Me and my sister (19, 17) visited the Oldham branch a few weeks ago. I was disgusted by how we were treated by the staff there. On our first visit it took a while to be aknowledged as the staff spoke amongst theirselves. When we were finally
seen to we told them we wanted to
adopt a kitten or young cat. The woman told us to go and look at them. We bonded with a cat named sky and the guy who looked after the cats said it was his favorite and he spends alot of time with it.

We went to anothet rspca and decided we wanted another look at sky. We returned to the oldham branch, ignored for a while once again!, and told the woman we was interested in sky.. She seemed puzzled at who that cat was and started looking on the wall at the pictures. She then turned to a woman in the back and whispered 'they want
sky' the other woman replied with 'no not sky'. So the woman returned to us and said we cant adopt the cat because it was an animal cruelty case and it
could take months. This came out of nowhere. She then tells us that only 2 (out of a possible 20 cats) were up for adoption. She did not say this on our first visit when we went to look at all the cats!

I enquired about some kittens hidden in the back room that a guy told me not to enter, but was told i could not reserve one because they 'weren't ready' even though they looked about 9 weeks old.
I like many others thought that the rspca is a re-homing center for unwanted animals, but it seems this is the last thing they want to do.
What a waste of time.

sharon.leane said...

we want to sign your petition ut it is full!!!

sharon.leane said...

we need to sign your petition but it wont take any more signitures!

Anonymous said...

I'm very sad to say I've had two awful experiences with the RSPCA in recent years.

The first was a few years back when I came across a lost/abandoned pregnant dog in the middle of a busy roundabout and took her to my nearest RSPCA centre. The person in reception wasn't at all concerned about this poor animal, who was distressed and dehydrated. She refused to even get out of her chair to come and inspect the dog, until I explained I was going no where until the dog was checked by a vet and given water. After getting a lot of attitude from said receptionist, a vet did finally inspect the poor dog and was given water but that was as far as it went. They wouldn't 'rescue' this dog by taking her in to care for her. I was shocked and v.confused. Despite the fact it was supposed to be an RSPCA 'rescue centre' I ended-up having to then drive to two police stations in the end (the first didn't have any kennels) where the dog was taken to a kennel... only to apparently then be picked up by the same RSPCA centre later on. I was told the RSPCA apparently get money if animals are brought in this way?!?!?!!!!?

The next shocking RSPCA experience was when I rang the so-called 'helpline' to report a distressed animal only to be greeted by an unnecessarily rude, dismissive, abrupt woman from the outset. Before I could give the full details, she kept cutting me off mid-sentence when I tried to answer her questions. It was like she really just couldn't be bothered with it all and clearly showed no interest or concern what-so-ever as she then proceeded to tell me she couldn't help!!!!!!!! I feel both v.sad and angry as clearly these incidents are commonplace. The RSPCA are a scandalous organisation.

Anonymous said...

I have had the same experience as other people and also think that the RSPCA are worse than useless incompetent, ignorant, officious, rude and inept. Several people have repeatedly reported a very distressed Rotweiller who is chained 24 hours a day at the entrance to a travellers site. When the dog appeared in July 10 it was sleek and solid and very healthy looking. Gradulally it has deteriorated and is now skin and bone. It has no water, only an upturned bucket that I've yet to see containing water. There is nowhere for it to lie down and it is chained with the chain wrapped around it's neck. The dog is slowly dieing and is huddled in a tight ball shivering and appears to have given up. It took ten days for the RSPCA to respond to the call and all the incompetent girl did was advise for water to be left and a wormer given. Everybody who has reported it has been told they would receive a call back but none of us have. Meanwhile the dog continues to suffer and will not survive much longer. This is not the first instance where the RSPCA have failed to act and the animal(s) in question have died. It's heartbreaking. Why ask us to be the voice for the animals when nobody listens. Shame on you RSPCA. Do you even like animals as you certainly don't seem to care about them!

Anonymous said...

I recently lost my cat, I put colored posters up localy, did a 150 leaflet drop with a picture, 2 days later phoned the RSPCA (After contacting all the local vets) to log my cat on their Missing List! what a joke! I was told No Cat was picked up in our area that week and if one was that fitted our cats discription we would be informed. It turned out our cat was picked up the first day he went missing (by the RSPCA) and taken to a vet 10 miles away. He had been knocked by a car. The next day the RSPCA picked him up from the vets and drove him 20 miles and put him to sleep? When after two weeks of searching for our cat I found this out I called the RSPCA to get some answers. This took two days of going round the houses. Eventually I spoke to Shall we say A 'High Up Bitch' who'es only concearn was the amount of money it cost them to keep him alive for two days, How much the vets charged them for overnight accomodation for him, And 'Why the hell People like You. (Refering to me, do not get their cats chipped! This so called lady needs a kick up the *** just for her verble tirade on the phone, and something needs to be done about the exorbitent ammount of public money being paid to the Fat Cats like her. Ray

JD said...

We have around 30 pidgeons who visit us every day for food without fail. Their happy little faces greet us every day when we come home from work and always raise a smile when we get home. Yesterday we noticed that one of them was missing its top beak, we tried to catch it with a net but our efforts were useless. We called the RSPCA this morning who aren't interested in it unless we catch it. We were told that it'd get weaker which would make it easier to catch. We pointed out that there'd be nothing that anyone could do for it apart from shooting it down to put it out of its misery. But they're still not interested! Is this not an animal that is suffering?

Anonymous said...

I've had 3 bad experiences with our local RSPCA.

1st one a few years ago when a man was going around dumping puppies on people using a sob story about the pup being his daughter's xmas present and him needing a dog sitter for a few weeks. He was promising to bring back food for the pup later in the day. My husband got sucked in by him, and we were stuck with a very destructive pup that we'd never wanted or asked for. My husband took it to the RSPCA and explained what happened and they demanded payment to leave it there, with the comment "we're not a charity you know". He left the pup there. We found out later that these pups were stolen.

Second experience: A young girl in my street had 2 dogs. They were some type of mixed breed dogs, looked as if they might have pit bull in them. These dogs were starved so badly you could count their bones in their spines and tails. They were following kids down the road sniffing at their schoolbags because they could smell the kids lunches. They tipped over garbage bins to get a feed and they menaced the street. The RSPCA and the council were very well aware of the dogs and the condition they were in. They actually told people to stop reporting the dogs!!
I'd had enough and put an anonymous report into the RSPCA's website. Miracle - 2 days later they were both gone!

Third experience: Two pit bulls roaming the street, attacking cats and people and the council "can't" catch them. The RSPCA also "can't" catch them. One of the dogs was ran over, the other one disappeared. Now the pups of one of these dogs are roaming the streets attacking cats and other dogs and menacing people. The RSPCA acting as stand in dog catchers can't be bothered attempting to catch these dogs and argued with me that there are no controlled breeds of dogs in SA. I told her to go and read the RSPCA website where there are clearly stated rules regarding ownership of pit bulls. They must be: desexed, muzzled in public and can not be sold nor given away.

Another incident I heard about but wasn't involved with: Three dehydrated and starving sheep were found in town, obviously escaped from a farm. The RSPCA were called and their response was "We can't do anything about them". Our local RSPCA seem to think the A stands for cats and dogs only, when we can be bothered!

ibc said...

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jill said...

disgusted.....under statement....shocked???¬...they refused to take beautiful ella they do not take strays!!!!.....their words!!.what the hell are all about,rspca????? hope your haunted by your actions......what goes around comes around!!! SCUM, is what you are!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We live on a farm and found an abandoned horse shut into one of our fields last weekend. She had lice, was completely emaciated and had to lean on things to stop herself collapsing. We rang the RSPCA and the police. Neither seemed to care at all. As long as we were willing to let her stay, she was our problem. All we wanted was someone to come and look her over, tell us how old she was and whether she might make a full recovery or not. We had to get a friend of a friend with a microchip scanner to check if she had one. Obviously there's little chance of tracing the owner and this was all the RSPCA were interested in so they could prosecute someone, not the immediate welfare of a very poorly horse. I'm pleased to say she, Queenie (found Jubilee weekend!) is getting stronger everyday and we've been lucky enough to have kind people donate feed and a bridle etc. to help us care for her. I really think the RSPCA are fundamentally profit driven and animal welfare is just an annoying and unwanted sideline.

Anonymous said...


This is a complaint about the standard of service and the policies being operated from a call I was trying to make relating to 2 sets of adult swans trying to kill each other in a turf war tonight at 19.30pm approx.

The sets of swans both have 5 cygnets each.

They are on the canal usually between Station Road bridge and leathermill lane bridge in Rugeley.

One of the weaker probably female swans was clearly drowning under the weight of the other which was attacking it. I tried to separate them several times by kicking the stronger swan off when it was close to the bank and throwing stones. However most of the time it was too far away for me to do any good.

I reported this because I was concerned both for the welfare of the swan and for the cygnets.

The other parent was being chased down the canal by the other swan and subject to the same treatment though clearly doing a little better (but not much).

When I reported this to the service centre the answer was 'if the swan is already dead we can't help it. Did you se what was happening to it - what was it doing.'

They asked if it was on the bank and I said 'no it was clearly drowing' yet again.

and then your member of staff uttered a ridiculous and ill-informed comment when I asked about the welfare of the cygnets that ' well there would be one parent still surviving' - well as you are NOT there how do YOU know? Utter and complete NONSENSE.

I went round in circles for a few minutes getting stonewalled before simply saying tersely "OH this is POINTLESS" and putting the phone down.

as it clearly was pointless continuing with the conversation.

Clearly pointless in that the person wasn't listening, clearly pointless in that your policies are utter crap, and clearly pointless in the fact that no action was going to be taken which was effective or helpful in any event.

You would rather see a swan drown and leave the cygnets to their fate than actually do anything positive.

I have been a long time supporter of the RSPCA but after this episode (and others where you have failed to take action in the past on my complaints) I will be withdrawing my sponsorship with immediate effect.

I suggest you taken a close look at how you actually deal with issues as you are getting a reputation (rightly so) of beiong decidedly UNHELPFUL. Don't expect me to oput myself out to report things like this if you're not going to put YOURSELVES out when I do!

I'm sure I'll be reporting a dead swan or two and some cygnets needing rescuing in the morning. Should you actually decide to come and do something please don;t expect me to be part of it.

This is now your FAULT and YOUR PROBLEM and I will again re-iterate that I am withdrawing my sponsorship and removing you from my WILL.


Beverley Nash

Anonymous said...

skye smith of rspca
should be ashamed of herself,,my horse is 33 and he has melanomas round hes anus as 80%,of grey horses over 15 yrs do,,she ordered my horse taken to a vet at a
cost to me,n put him thru the stress of leaving his comfy paddock;;the equine vets found him to be in very good condition,and agreed melanoma didnt cause any distress,,,skye smith said to me she has a right even if an animal is healthy to do what she likes,,,i know this is a lie,,,u cant kill a horse cause he has a tumour,,i thought rspca cared for animals,,,but they dont they wanna kill healthy loved ones,,,shame shame shame on you skye smith of rspca
,,help me please someone out there to stop this persecution of animal lovers like me and the distress caused by skye smith to my horse and my family
linda sigsworth

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this site is still active but I've heard of so many small rescues now who have had satisfactory inspections for years but now, after complaints for people who have fallen out with the rescue for personal reasons, are carrying out full scale investigations and private prosecutions, with all the legal fees being funded through their enormous donations while the rescues cannot afford legal representation, having spent all their money on vets fees and animal feed. I'm heartily disappointed in the RSPCA and can't even complain to anyone about their behaviour.