Friday, 2 April 2010


Chris Wyatt, representing the RSPCA said Ahmed had come to the police's attention when he had attended the court case of dog fighter Liaquat Ali, 40, of Steiner Street in November 2008.

Speaking after the case, RSPCA Chief Inspector Ian Briggs said: "Under the circumstances, a life-time ban is a good result.

RSPCA chief inspector Ian Briggs said outside court: “Having 26 people arrested at one fight hasn’t happened since the late 1980s, and shows how depressingly popular dog fighting has become again in our major cities, despite being banned almost 200 years ago.”

RSPCA chief inspector Ian Briggs said: "We can only imagine how many dogs have suffered at the hands of Mr Ali and his friends, and the kind of things they've had to endure at a premise kept by him for that very purpose.

Mike Butcher, of the RSPCA’s Special Operations Unit, said: “The West Midlands region is an area where we are getting a lot of intelligence about organised dog-fights in the Asian community.
Ian Briggs, chief inspector of the RSPCA’s Special Operations Unit, said dog-fighting is up 400 per cent in the past three years in the UK.

“Out of all the work my unit now does about 98 per cent is related to Asian gangs,” he said.

Aftab Razzaq, 25, and Usman Hussain, 22, admitted goading their dogs to brawl.

Razzaq made his pitbull terrier Benny fight with Hussain's Staffordshire bull terrier Reefer on Troy Street Fields on September 8 last year
Chief inspector Ian Briggs, from the RSPCA's special operations unit, said: "Dog fighting is barbaric and causes horrific injuries and suffering to those animals involved. Just because these men claim they were only showing off, it doesn't make it any less serious or cruel

Farooq, of Daniels Road, Bordesley Green, Birmingham, was found guilty on two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and possessing training equipment for dog-fighting.
Chief inspector Ian Briggs, from the RSPCA's special operations unit, said: “Dog-fighting is a barbaric and cruel so-called sport which belongs in the Dark Ages and horrific suffering is caused to the dogs involved.

Ch Insp Ian Briggs, of the RSPCA's Special Operations Unit, said: “Where once there was a hardcore of around 20 people, who had contacts around the world and imported dogs from abroad to fight, now that's broadening out to groups of youths.
Of the 10 found guilty, five were fined between £750 and £1,400 for attending the fight while five others, all Asian men from the Birmingham area, were found guilty of more serious offences.

Barkat Hussain, 42, and Intikab Hussain, 31, were found guilty of attending the fight, causing animals to fight, possessing a pit bull and causing unnecessary suffering.
Sohail Hussain, 27, and Zahir Ahmed, 31, were both convicted of attending the fight and possessing a pit bull, whilst Ummar Ahmed, 26, was found guilty of attending the fight and keeping premises for dog fighting.
They will be sentenced next month, along with two others who pleaded guilty at the outset; Waqquas Mughal, 18, who admitted being at the fight, causing animals to fight, causing unnecessary suffering and possession of a pit bull, and Zahoor Hussain. 40, who admitted attending the fight and possessing a pit bull.$1343373$366366.htm


Anonymous said...

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Ali said...

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