Saturday, 18 July 2009



Had a friend phone me last week. She tells me that someone needed a mother cat and kittens collecting, so I tels her to give the person my number and tell them to ring after 9pm when I'd done all my chores.
So this is the tale.Woman, lives in housing association housing. Next door scummy neighbours get evicted for not paying rent. Take dogs with them, leave 2 cats behind.

Woman phones RSPCA who come and look at the cats and take the pretty grey long haired one. They tell her they don't want the plain black one and she can just leave it and hope it goes away. Woman then started throwing wtaer at it every time it comes into her garden, desperate for food and company. But as the weeks go on, she see cat getting fatter and fatter. Calls RSPCA again and again they tell her they don't want the cat (plain black moggies are harder to rehome as nobody wants them).

Eventually, woman finds kittens in her dog's kennel so she calls RSPCA again. Inspector calls, looks at kittens, agrees to take them in a few weeks and tells woman that if they take the mother cat, they will put her to sleep. So. This woman was talking to a friend of mine who says "I know someone who will take them all right away, and spay the mother when it's time and care for them all forever".

So the woman tells me she wants them gone ASAP (this was Friday night). I tell her I can't come right away. I have to cook and eat something and will be in bed by 10pm.

She then tells me she's off away for 24 hours but will be home until midday the next day (Saturday) so I can come on Saturday morning and get them. I tell her that actually no, I can't. I go nowhere in the mornings as I am very very busy feeding, cleaning, milking, topping up water, sweeping the goat paddock, doing the morning muck out etc and won't get finished before 11am.So it was agreed that I go this afternoon, which I did.

And now, in a large dog cage, in my cat room, is a sweet natured and plain black mummy cat whi is not at all savage and feral as the woman told me she was. And her 4 beautiful kittens which are not 2 days old like she said they are, but at least 10 days old as their eyes are beginning to open.I asked the woman, just out of interest. When she started throwing water at the cat (she said she didn't want the responsibility of caring for it) in an effort to get it out of her garden, what did she think would happen to this abandoned and homeless cat. She had the gall to say she didn't know and wasn't interested really as she resented being put in the position of having to be concerned about it at all.She said she hadn't given it any thought as to what the plight would be of a helpless animal who was coming to the nearest human in the hope that she would help her.I had to bite my tongue though in case I got savage with her and told her what I thought of her, just in case she wouldn't let me take them.

What a pity the RSPCA are more interested in a rehoming fee than actually helping an animal in distress.

They took the pretty long haired grey one as it would be a quick rehome and make them a profit. But the plain black short coated moggy would be in the cattery for months and end up costing them money.

Since the RSPCA were so very concerned at my ability to care properly for all my animals, perhaps I should contact them and ask them to pay for her spay? I bet they'll be furious when they learn that all the pretty, very rehomeable, and profit making kittens are gone.

For the time being, I am leaving them all quietly to settle down in peace. I will take some photos eventually when I think it won't cause them any stress or upset.

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flick said...

Sadly this is common place with the RSPCA There nothing but murders