Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Statement from Mr Goodall. Owner of Rosedene

At the time the RSPCA stormed my premises I was not on site so they had no right to enter and search Rosedene without my permission. They were trespassing. They are a charity and have no legal powers whatsoever.
The police had a warrant to search the premises but this authority did not enable anyone else to enter. I should have been able to check to see who is authorised to enter by the warrant onto my property and insist that the others leave. They conducted a search without authorisation from me.
I have not been charged with anything and have had no explanation to why this has happened. The police would have given a full receipt that lists in detail what they were taking but it was not the police it was the RSPCA that took the dogs and I had no information off them whatsoever.
When I arrived at the kennels I was harrassed, intimidated and threatened all day. The dogs were terrified and the so were the volunteers who felt sick by the RSPCA wanting the dogs to be signed over to them. If I had known that the so-called animal carers were going to start by putting three frightened dogs to sleep I would never have signed them over to the do gooders! The police did not show me any documents until the ordeal was over.
The volunteers who were their when the police and RSPCA stormed the premises were intimidated by the sheer volume of officers that turned up and although they knew their rights felt pressured to allow them in the premises. This is bully tactics and should not be allowed.
The volunteers were busy cleaning kennels on the morning of the raid. They had taken dirty bedding out in exchange for clean bedding. The volunteers were told to move away from the premises and were unable to continue cleaning up faeces/urine and mop, change bedding and top waters up. The RSPCA began recording their evidence on tape once the volunteers had left which is outrageous. Every kennels in the country would be routinely cleaning their kennels on the morning. The volunteers were not allowed to administer medication to dogs that needed it which is also a morning routine. Their evidence they have recorded is unfair evidence. If they had come down an hour later they would have seen that the kennels were clean, with clean blankets and a bowl of fresh water.
Dog walkers were stopped from taking any dog on their daily walk, so all dogs were locked in kennels all day and obviously stressed from lots of strangers peering at them. The dogs were left in their own mess throughout the day, some with no water.
Some of dogs were being treated for kennel cough. It is a very common bug that dogs are very susceptible to in kennel environment and it is highly contagious. The dogs who had kennel cough were being treated accordingly for this. Our vets go to Rosedene three times a week to check on the dogs and any poorly are seen by them. All kennels in the country have Kennel Cough at one time or another.
The kennels have heaters throughout, but the RSPCA vet expressed how cold it was inside the kennels. This is due to him walking around in a T-Shirt in cold weather and as the search was being conducted, they had opened every door in every place so the cold was getting in!!!
The kennels have NOT been shut down. We will be closed for refurbishment to take place. We have not been able to do much while the dogs were in our care due to noise of machinery and paint fumes which would make the dogs stressed and ill. Donations for improvement to the kennels will be greatly appreciated and the more people that get involved with this will have Rosedene up and running quicker so stray dogs will have a place to go. As you may be aware Rosedene is self-funded and we do not have goverment funds like other animal establishments have. The work we want to carry out will be expensive but worth the money.
Thank you for all of your support

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Queenie said...

In the light of recent events regarding the rspca fighting Wills etc, I believe this raid was a way of removing the competition for funds and should, therefore, be considered illegal.