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Reader comments from  "Who will hold the RSPCA to account?"

You will find any court case they take to court, they fail to disclose any truely relevant evidence, in case it might help the defendant in their case Which inevitably it would. This is a breach of the CPS ruling on disclosures. They even go into the courts to train the Magistrates, something no other member of the public can do. You will also find if you study the Hansard on the Animal Welfare Act 2006 is unlawful. As it was promised by Ben Bradshaw that the Government would employ 'Inspectors to carry out these case, as the members of both the Lords and Commons though it should not be left to the RSPCA. The Government did not engage any inspectors and failed to admit that they would until the day before the Royal Assent. Why you ask yourself.....the millions that the RSPCA donated to the labour party!!
One of my main reservations, should the RSPCA ever be given such powers, is that people would be marched into court on the slightest pretext....that actually happens already! On Animals 24/7, they showed an elderly lady having her two well looked after cats forcibly removed from her simply because they had fleas. The lady was then successfully prosecuted for 'neglect'. You would expect this in a Dictatorship, but not in good old England. The fact that the RSPCA already help to train magistrates, withhold evidence that may be detrimental to their case, and have police and vets willing to say anything that is required of them, means that nobody would ever get an impartial fair trial. They truly have illusions of grandeur!
The British people are known worldwide for their generosity but not their stupidity. Even in the midst of a recession that (let's face it) has hit every household, thousands of pounds have been continually donated to charities here and abroad. I think it is only fair that the people know a bit more about the RSPCA. I grew up thinking that the RSPCA was the first port of call for any distressed pet/wild animal. It is only in recent times that I have learnt more of their 'activities'. They are very keen to help the elderly (no doubt wishing to be beneficiaries of the will when the time comes). One example was an inspector being sent miles to collect a bird from a pensioner with a broken wing. She assured the lady that the bird would be looked after but upon arrival at the shelter the bird was immediately euthenased. She was personally quite sickened by that. Then there was the story of the puppies that were handed in to a police station. The officers contacted the RSPCA to collect the pups. When the inspector arrived they told her that many of the officers had become fond of the pups and would be willing to adopt the pups after the RSCPA has inspected them and signed them off with a fit bill of health. The pups were taken to the shelter and immediately euthenased. Over the course of the weeks the police contacted the shelter to ask about the pups but were told that they had been rehomed......... These pups had homes..... What gives the RSPCA the right to act like god and kill a perfectly healthy animal that has been promised a home? The only way that we can stop this bunch of murderers is to take control of them and stop donating our hard earned money. The only way that this will happen is to tell everyone we know WHAT we know!
have to say that it speaks volumes that the RSPCA themselves were investigated by the Police for animal cruelty in October 2009! I also find it unbelievable that many of their 'franchises' (as you may know each branch is responsible for its funding and donations received go directly to the Head Office) are struggling to keep afloat while their Head Office is a luxurious state of the art building. My advice to anyone seeking help from the RSPCA for an animal is to make sure the press are there with camera's, you will then get them out en-mass!!
Just to add a little pespective here, last year the RSPCA killed in excess of 60,000 animals, 65 dogs were killed were killed using the Captive Bolt Gun, more than one a week.
The Dogs Trust lost 250 dogs, mostly from old age or terminal illness, and THEY have far less income than the RSPCA. Equally the Blue Cross does not kill dogs and cats, no matter how long they've been awaiting a home.
But then the latter two don't go in for ridiculous uniforms and all the trappings, they do what they say on the tin...Animal WELFARE.!
Incidentally, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has condemned the use of the Captive Bolt on domestic pets, but the RSPCA think they know better!
Karel White Bannister
People should be made aware that the RSPCA have no legal rights of entry and definitely canot extract from a home an animal without permission. They are conning the public also in many other ways, such as An Animal for Life. How many poor souls have left this world thinking their pet is safe, and it has been destroyed weeks if not days later. Trouble is too many people are intimidated by the wealth of the RSPCA to come forward and expose them for what they really are. An oversized, overpaid CHARITY.
The para-military uniforms go to their heads!animalnut 2 days ago
And let us not forget the RSPCAs shameless pursuit of a 2.3 million pound farm that they tried to snatch from the legal heir. That case has already cost 1.3 million.....of public donations!
People who donate do so for the good of the animals, not law suits, posh uniforms, ridiculously expensive HQ's and relentless TV advertising.
The RSPCA appear to be a law unto themselves, answering to no-one, there are many other activities of theirs which require further investigation e.g. taking funds in bequests on the understanding that a persons pet will be looked after and then said pet suddenly acquiring a terminal illness!
The RSPCA do not, in fact, have the power to seize or remove any animals either. The owner or Keeper has to agree to sign them over. What often happens though, is that the owner will refuse, so the RSPCA call the police, who then take the animal and hand it to the RSPCA. There have been cases though where the RSPCA, having secured a tame police officer, will simply remove the animal themselves with no sanction from anyone.
Anyone else doing this would be guilty of theft, but the RSPCA get away with it because nobody stops them. They appear above the Law and able to do just about anything they choose.

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