Thursday, 18 June 2009


Only a matter of days ago the RSPCA killed a family's cat, only hours after capturing it. Last month they failed to prosecute a man who kicked his girlfriends dog to death, saying it didn't suffer.
And they have the audacity to prosecute AND JAIL a STRUGGLING couple who just needed some HELP ! DISGRACEFUL.

A husband and wife from Bath have been jailed and banned from keeping animals for ten years after cats, dogs and rabbits were discovered living in 'filthy' conditions in their home.
Mark and Rebecca Lanfear, have been given 12-week jail terms after causing 'prolonged suffering' to their 18 pets.
The couple appeared before Bath Magistrates Court to admit ten charges each of animal neglect, while Mrs Lanfear's 69-year-old mother, Sheila Wheeler, also pleaded guilty to the same charges and was given a 12-week community order.
The suffering they caused to the animals in their care cost the RSPCA around £28,000 in vets' bills, accommodation and court costs in a case that a senior official said was caused by 'things getting horribly out of hand'.
An RSPCA investigation was launched following a tip-off from a member of the public in October last year.
RSPCA Chief Inspector Becky Griffiths, led the team which entered the house in Oldfield Park. Celia Strathdee, defending, said her clients were deeply ashamed at what had happened and acknowledged that what they had done was wrong.
She said events in the family home had spiralled out of control in such a desperate way that none of the defendants felt able to tackle the problems.
Mrs Strathdee said the couple lived with Mrs Wheeler who was in poor health.
She told the court Mr Lanfear had been suspended from his job as a driver due to illness, creating a 'huge' drop in his monthly income and contribution to the running of the house.
The 47-year-old's parents had both diagnosed with cancer which proved terminal for his mother who died in October last year.
Mrs Lanfear, who works as a claims negotiator for a firm in Bath, was then left with the task of helping to take care of her husband's father and her own mother as well as the finances of the house.
The 43-year-old suffered a nervous breakdown and took two months off work from July to August last year.
Mrs Lanfear has three horses which live in a yard around ten miles away from her house.
Mrs Strathdee said: "It seems to me that when everything was going wrong and the stress became too much she (Mrs Lanfear) sought refuge at the yard.
"The horses were not just loved but adored.
"Despite the fact that chaos seems to run in the home, the horses were beautifully looked after."
Chairman of the bench, Andrew Turnbull, said the offences were so severe that custody was the only appropriate sentence.
He also ordered that the RSPCA must take possession of Mrs Lanfear's three horses within 28 days.
Chief Insp Griffiths said the ruling was unusually severe and that custody was normally imposed only in cases involving physical attacks on animals.
She said: "This is a strong message to people that they have to look after their animals.
"We must now take steps to get the horses rehomed as soon as possible."

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Anonymous said...

I was desperately sad to hear that Mark and Rebecca Lanfear had been jailed following investigation and prosecution by the RSPCA. If only the Society would spend as much money on a proper and thorough training of their inspectors - instead of squandering the public's donations on political campaigns, exorbitant salaries for top exectives and the demonisation of animal lovers who are in need of help - then both we and the animals concerned would be far better off.
And if the public knew what their money is really spent on, I do not believe they would be as happy to donate to a charity whose publicity gives a false impression of the way they really operate. Shame on you RSPCA.
If you want to find out how the RSPCA flouts the law, log on to the Animadversion website.