Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Family's missing cat is put down 1hr after it's found !

The rspca have been accused of killing a couple's pet cat - just one hour after picking her up in a neighbouring garden.
Three-year-old Luna had gone out to play, but a neighbour thought she was a stray and called the animal charity on Saturday morning.
Twenty minutes later an inspector arrived and an hour after that the tabby had been taken to a local vet's and put down by a lethal injection.
Upset owners Harry and Jennifer Hamilton now plan to take legal action against the RSPCA.
Harry, a 28-year-old engineer, raged: "Luna was the nicest cat in the world. My wife, who is fiveand-a-half months pregnant, is absolutely devastated.
"We can't believe a charity we support with donations could behave in this way. We are gutted."
He added: "The RSPCA said they thought Luna was a stray and vicious, but lots of cats are scared when approached by strangers. I thought they were supposed to keep a cat for 28 days not just a few hours. I'm so mad."
He and teacher Jennifer, 25, now plan to bury Luna in the back garden at their home in Goole, East Yorkshire.
The RSPCA, which is investigating the matter, said: "We apologise profusely for this upsetting incident."
palval wrote:
As an animal lover I am appalled at this poor cats demise and the heartache caused to her owners Maybe if this incident hadnt occured on a Saturday morning events wouldnt have taken place so quickly
I have become disillusioned with the RSPCA recently and any future pleadings for money from them will be consigned to the recyling bin and my money given to other animal charities (GS – good thought here)
17/6/2009 13:42 BST on
Romano wrote:
God, this is terrible! This sort of tragedy could happen to many cats whom some folk think are strays. Actually, it almost certainly has happened many times. The RSPCA are not often as quick to come out to cruelty cases as they are to a supposedley stray cat. I strongly suggest the RSPCA be ultra careful in future!
Francis H. Giles (Reading)
17/6/2009 14:03 BST on
hasa23 wrote:
Thanks to the mirror for help on this - the RSPCA ought to know what they have done to my family!
Thanks again.
17/6/2009 14:12 BST on
Becca_Bee wrote:
The RSPCA, which is investigating the matter, said: "We apologise profusely for this upsetting incident."
Not good enough. My cat recently went missing and after putting posters up we found out he'd died. The woman who found him rang the council, who took him to the RSPCA were they "disposed" of him. They didn't even bother scanning him, if they did they would have discovered he was microchipped and they could have informed us that he was dead and we could have buried him at home.
What is the point in supporting and donating to a charity if the people who work there can't even do their jobs properly?
17/6/2009 14:33 BST on
Tan wrote:
This is awful and not the 1st time i have sadly heard this happening with the charity.
17/6/2009 14:53 BST on
FeeFeeFee wrote:
Whilst I sympathise with the loss of this loving pet, suing the RSPCA isn't going to change what happened, only stretch their already over stretched budget.
Perhaps if this couple had been responsible enough to have their cat Microchipped then this misunderstanding could have been avoided. (GS – what rubbish – for uselessness of microchipping, see comment high-lighted above)


Becca_x said...

I commented on the mirror's article for this, I'm 'Becca_Bee'.

It's awful what the RSPCA have done!

That poor couple have lost a pet because the rspca are too lazy to do their jobs properly.

We had our cat for 13 years and he was the most friendly, lovely cat you could imagine and we loved him. I've grown up with him and I would have loved to have been able to say goodbye, but the rspca didn't even try and get in touch with us when his body was found.

What is th point in paying to have your pets micrchipped if they don't even get scanned? It's absolutely ridiculous.

Becca_x said...

This is horrendous. That poor couple have lost their pet because the people at the rspca are too lazy to do their jobs properly. Pets are part of the family and for a charity that is supposed to take care of animals to do this is outrageous.

I also commented on the mirror's article, under the name 'Becca_Bee'.

We had our cat for 13 years, from when he was a kitten. I grew up with him and every night he'd sleep on my bed. I loved him and so did my mum, and we were heartbroken when he went missing. We searched for him for days but deep down we knew he wasn't coming back. I would have loved to have been able to say goodbye to him properly and for us to bury him at home, but once again the rspca failed to do their jobs and they "disposed" of him.

What is the point of getting pets microchipped if no one bothers to scan them when they are found?
And why give money to a charity that don't even care about the animals they are supposed to be helping?

Anonymous said...

Discusting! the RSPCA are incompetant, unknowledgable and unfeeling! I no longer have any respect for this so called charity whom claim to be 'stretched' for money.....*laughs*
I can only offer my deepest sympathy to this couple and many others alike who have suffered the death of a much loved pet and family member at the hands of the RSPCA.
I will no longer support this charity.