Saturday, 3 April 2010


POLICE are investigating after an 11-week-old puppy went missing from his owner's back yard.

Officers are refusing to rule out the possibility that the black Labrador may have been stolen.
And the dog's owner, Nigel Rowley, from Biddulph, is now offering a £150 reward for the return of his pet Oliver.
The 24-year-old, who lives in Albert Street, said: "I'm gutted to be honest. I'd been saving up since October to buy him and he was a lovely dog."
Mr Rowley left Oliver in his yard when he went to work at 8am on March 26.
But when he returned at 6.15pm, the dog was nowhere to be seen.
And plumber Mr Rowley, who paid £450 for the dog, believes Oliver has been stolen.
He said the yard was secure and there was no way the puppy could have got out on its own.
Mr Rowley added: "When I realised he had gone missing I asked my two lodgers if they had seen or heard anything and they hadn't.
"On the day he went missing, I had a card pushed through the letterbox from the RSPCA.
"When I rang them up to see what it was about they said they had received a complaint about me being heavy-handed with the dog when it comes to toilet training, which I hadn't.
"I'd left a toolbox in the yard and there were some ladders as well, but none of that was taken. The whole thing is just very odd."
Mr Rowley said he had been in touch with kennels in the area and that neither they nor vets had seen Oliver.
He added: "One of the neighbours told me they saw someone wearing a hat climbing the gate into the back yard.
"I've spoken to the police and they have taken some statements from neighbours and they are viewing the CCTV tapes from one of the shops on the road.
"Hopefully somebody somewhere knows what has happened and I can get him back."
Oliver was wearing a black and red collar when he went missing.
And the puppy walks with a slight limp, according to his owner.
A Staffordshire Police spokesman confirmed the investigation was ongoing.
She added: "We are not ruling out the possibility that the dog may have been stolen."
Anyone with information should call Staffordshire Police on 0300 123 4455, quoting incident number 739 of March 26.


Anonymous said...

Theiving RSPCA scum came into my property and stole my dog, they did this alone and then claimed to have had Police Officers with them, I know this isnt true because my neighbours witnessed them taking the dog. They did eventually return the dog after we threatened to sue them for trespass and theft.

Anonymous said...

The RSPCA have been stealing pets for years and trying to claim that its legal, the only difference in this case is that they havent admitted it yet.

Sceptic said...

If I were Mr Rowley I would go and checkout the local RSPCA dog homes, they also use people who look after dogs at home, give them a ring, I am sure Oliver will turn up.

Anonymous said...

If I was looking for my stolen ptoperty, the first place that I'd ask the police to check out would be the yellow bags in the deep freeze at the local RSPCA rescue centre.

Anonymous said...

Intimidation, theft and lies. RSPCA trademarks

Queenie said...

The RSPCA have no authority to enter your home, garden, or any outbuildings, see a solicitor and have them charged with Theft and Trespass.
Send a solicitors letter to the RSPCA and say that, unless the dog is returned within 48 hours, you will take action and mount an adverse newspaper campaign.
They are far too fond of stealing cute, saleable dogs that'll net them a good few quid.