Monday, 31 August 2009


RSPCA Slaughter Ten German Shepherds with Bolt Pistol Animal Lovers besiege RSPCA Facebook page in protest The RSPCA's Facebook page has been inundated with posts from angry animal lovers protesting about the RSPCA slaughter of ten German Shepherd dogs using a bolt pistol. According to RSPCA e-mail responses relatives contacted the RSPCA after the dog's owner died and the dogs were left living on their own. An RSPCA inspector decided that the dogs were unsocialised, had a skin condition and therefore were unfit for rehoming and should be put down. The RSPCA said that if the relatives could not find a rescue to take the dogs the RSPCA would take and euthanase them. When there is a death in the family people have other, more pressing matters to deal with and are likely to be too distressed to think clearly. How are they going to find the local shelters in these circumstances? A furious Jayne Shenstone of German Shepherd Rescue said: "There is a large network of GSD rescues in the UK yet not one of us was contacted by either the owners or by the RSPCA. The fact that the RSPCA would not attempt to contact any other rescue suggests that they couldn't be bothered and that it was easier and cheaper to shoot the dogs." "The GSD is naturally very protective and territorial so will guard home and owner. With regard to the ten, their owner had died so one would assume that they would be confused and frightened." "To an inexperienced person they would have appeared aggressive." "They should have been separated and they would have calmed down." "If they had a skin condition what was it and why couldn't it be treated?" "GSD's that come into rescue often need experienced help which is why even other non-GSD rescues will approach us for help with rehoming any that come into their care." The SHG has accused the RSPCA of utter hypocrisy. Anne Kasica of the SHG said: "The RSPCA used the case of David Smith who shot unwanted greyhounds with a bolt pistol to promote a massive publicity campaign aimed at obtaining increased regulation of greyhound breeding, training and racing, despite the claims that the RSPCA made use of Mr. Smith's services." "Either it is acceptable to shoot excess unwanted dogs or it is not." "This is not the first time the RSPCA has been criticised for shooting dogs with a bolt pistol. They were fully aware after their shooting of two basset hounds in Ipswich in 2004 that the public do not find this acceptable practice." "If the RSPCA believes it is acceptable to shoot dogs with captive bolt pistols then they should make it quite clear that this is what will happen to dogs that come into their care." Ernest Vine also of the SHG asked: "What qualifications does an inspector have to assess dogs in this situation? Is he a vet? The RSPCA uses the yardstick of 'failure to seek veterinary advice' in their prosecutions. How was it possible to assess the mental state of each dog in these circumstances?" "We are told that a dog's mental capacity is that of the average two year old toddler. Imagine the reaction of a toddler who had been left alone like this and then faced with strangers. Would he be upset? Perhaps be aggressive and try to escape? Or maybe even bite? Could it be that too much is expected of dogs in difficult circumstances and that these dogs were far better behaved than they were given credit for?" "We are calling for some check on what happens to animals that pass through large organisations like the RSPCA. Animals are killed before their owners have a chance to claim them. Owners are told their animals are not in RSPCA shelters when they are there and in the process of being rehomed." "For these reasons the SHG wants a cooling off period for animal sign overs to the RSPCA similar to the protections provided when buying double glazing. Perhaps 28 days would give time for people to reflect on their actions. After all, if the dogs were in need of rehabilitation that would not be an excessive time period and nothing would stop prospective adopters from registering their interests." "Could it be that the RSPCA is being driven by financial cuts (£54million) to seek the cheapest alternative without adequately considering the animal's welfare?" Ends Word

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