Sunday, 30 August 2009



To the Chief Finance Officer
RSPCA Head Office
RH13 9RS

Dear Sir

Re; Refund of all donations

I see from the latest “news” about the RSPCA that you have killed 10 german shepherds with a captive bolt.
I see also from the Evening Star that you shot 2 basset hounds in the back of the head.
Your attitude is that you, and you alone, have an answer for every “sore”. It is the RSPCA Directorship who are now setting its organisation up as “god” and allowing it to get out of control. With regard to the 10 shepherds in your bland statement you have not said whether you gave each individual dog the chance of being assessed alone, away from the pack mentality, and away from the cruel confines of overt territory guarding. Yes, I was not there, but the even the supposedly aggressive/fear aggressive german shepherd in a totally new situation and alone, usually shakes in fear or takes the chance to run away to the hills. On your home web site currently there sits an actual quote by the RSPCA saying that you “Give Animals A Voice”. Did you?
As for the bassets shot in the head – deplorable. I own both shepherds and bassets. I doubt the 2 bassets would have posed a danger to anyone and your statement that you could not have used a needle to put them to sleep is pure poppycock. The eldest of my bassets has had to have several operations and there has never been an issue of the skin being “too thick”. There are people queuing up waiting to home the “rarer” basset breed and there are many german shepherd rescues experienced in the breed who would have given the shepherds a chance.I know that you will issue no further statements, however I have rights too. I have been a donor for 25 plus years. I have the right now to a refund of all my previous donations. These donations were given in good faith on the back of your advertising giving the impression that you cared for and protected all animals. At no point whatsoever did you point out to me that these occurrences were taking place and you failed to explain to me why, and what level of technical expertise, or if outside totally independent additional expertise was employed, before you formed the basis of your decision. It is always “your” decision and you seem to think yourselves autonomous.Whilst yes, I have obtained the articles from the german shepherd rescue site I am entitled to make my own mind up. By virtue of the fact that you are not denying that these atrocities happened and the fact that you are not communicating correctly with your actual supporters I have no faith in the RSPCA.All my monies must be refunded. Your advertising has misled me. I thought I could trust you to give an animal a fair chance. Plus I thought that if any of my own animals ever just for a second had to look to you for protection you would protect them and certainly not destroy them.
Furthermore, my eighty year old mother, who has been a supporter longer than me is outraged. Particularly so at your attitude and what she feels is miss-use of her much needed money. I believe she is speaking to her friends and that they are referring to Age Concern. (They believe you have miss-used their previous donations and they are very distrustful of this home for Life scheme now.) She has the right to make her own mind up.I shall be posting this letter to you with full personal details – which obviously can not be posted on an e-mail - including my address so that you can post my refund cheque.

From a previous supporter


Debbie C said...

In 1988 Tag Pet Rescue Centre was born- www.tagpetrescue.I am the founder.
When Tag started I heard that the local RSPCA broke their no killing pledge for that year by putting to sleep 29 kittens and three nursing mums in one morning. I went straight to the place of the senseless slaughter in Abbots hill Ramsgate and took over the situation- trapping spaying/ neutering- found homes for the adults and tamed scared little kittens into lovable little rehomeable characters..these were all on their hit list for the week. I contacted the local papers and the story made front page. I asked that they rename themselves the Royal Society for the Positive Culling of Animals or the Royal Society for the Precurement of Capital and Assetts. The RSPCA inspector was forced to resign and I have had endless battles with them ever since.
My main concerns at present are
1."WHY wait until a litter has been born- become homeless-then kill them?"
2.Why are they not using their huge funds to set up neutering clinics...surely its cheaper to spay one bitch for free than to put 8 unwanted offspring to sleep?... Is it because there is no funds to be made from healthy animals...a picture of an emaciated animal in the public eye makes more money perhaps?
3.WHY are they wasting money on prosecution case like the bloke who kicked his puppy to death for eating his chop who was banned from keeping a dog for 5 years but his daughter or his son or his wife or his girlfriend can have another puppy in the same household because it's not his!?
4. WHY do the RSPCA not care about the mental welfare of captive "Pets"
Over the years I have come to the conclusion that we are not a nation of animal lovers...just pet keepers and that you will never find a purer soul than animals.
I am campaigning at present to rescue centres all over the country to PLEASE spay staffie/ type breeds for free... Most irresponsale youngsters who own a staff want it to have puppies and probably half wont reach the age of 1yr...I love staffs they are loyal, extreemly lovable, Highly intelligent, sensitive and adorably amusing... rescue centres across the uk can no longer cope with the massive over populationso they are putting them to sleep!
Please post this to where ever you see fit...It makes sense...or is commom sense not common anymore!!!
Kind regards
Debbie Channing
PS I could write a book on the real RSPCA!!

sue wolstenholme said...

My comment is not regarding the R.S.P.C.A.'s deplorable practice of culling 'inconvenient' animals, rather the reason that they're so overcrowded that they are unable to accomodate the amimals who need their help. My daughter and son in law, who are loving, experienced dog owners, visited the Bradford branch of the R.S.P.C.A. this week with the intention of enquiring about rehoming another dog. They took with them their youngest child and their obviously very well cared for dog, explaining that their daughter was at school. The staff refused to deal with them because my grandaughter was not present. They explained that they wanted to lokk at the dogs they had to see whether there was one they thought would they could provide a loving home for and that, if that was the case , they would return with my grandaughter at the weekend, during the very short opening hoiurs they bother to have for potential adopters to visit, even though this is when most of them would do so. They were told, in a fairly unfriendly manner, that they would not be accomodated. Since I am already aware of two other families this has happened to you have to wonder how many there are countrywide, along with those who will not go to the R.S.P.C.A. because of other peoples experiences. This must add up to thousands of animals who are denied a good home because of their obstructive attitude. I also know of people who have been shown a photo of a dog and told that this was the only one deemed suitable. Also people being shown a selection of only two dogs for the same reason. They seem to have no concept of the bonding process that takes pleace during the adoption process. I emailed the local branch regarding this but they obviously can't be bothered to respond. I'm about to try Head Office, though without any hope of a satisfacory response. Sorry for ngoing on, but I've been becoming increasingly frustrated with them over the years. Good luck to every one who'se attempting to make them accountable.
Regards, Sue Wolstenholme.ionvit

Rax said...

Look at the comments on this recent news story from Southampton:

The overbearing, patriachal, hypocritical and counterproductive attitude of the RSPCA appears to be widespread.

Dunc333 said...

The 'Freedom Food' label sold by RSPCA to many food retailers is a sham and possibly a scam. It's been sold to retailers of farmed salmon..which I can assure everyone keeps salmon as un free as it's possible to be. Hundreds of seals are shot by fish farms. Farms spread diseases and excrement. It takes 4 kilos of wild, edible fish to make one kilo of salmon. These feed fish are causing plundering of fish stocks in countries as far away as Chile.

lynn Haydon-Williams said...

We are a small rescue in Glossop Derbyshire We are being bullied and being subjected to a smear campaign by the local branch Tameside and Glossop RSPCA. they are lying about us saying we are stealing food from their "bins". they are saying this to companies that help us. Asda (hyde ) pets at home Glossop are two of the companies they have lied to. consequence is that they wont help us now! We go out to the rescues that they wont go to!

lynn Haydon-Williams said...

We are a small rescue in Glossop Derbyshire. the Local branch Tamside and Glossop are attempting to smear our name to companies that help us by telling them we are STEALING FOOD from their bins, consequently these companies will no longer deal with us. They have sent officers round to try and intimidate us, but we will carry on. I am disgusted with this. I have scanned the letter we received if anyone wishes to read it