Saturday, 29 August 2009




Anonymous said...

Minutes of a call made to the RSPCA Help line

RSPCA: Good afternoon RSPCA inquiries, how can I help?

CALLER: Oh hello, I'm calling concerning the Ten German Shepherd Dogs which were shot by your society.

RSPCA: nobody is saying that is was very very easy, at no point have we said that this was the easiest...(interrupted by caller)

CALLER: No, but I can imagine, I've seen a dog struggle ok, whilst have a grasp around it's neck ok. (interrupted by rspca)

RSPCA: bear in mind that there was not just one person doing this, there wouldnt be only one person who would do this easily. This is difficult, it is a difficult decision that we had to make, and we're not saying that we enjoyed doing it...(interrupted by caller)

CALLER: Dogs do jump about and roll about, and, and go absolutely berserk, dont they, with a grasp around their neck?

RSPCA: (long pause)...........well I wasnt there I couldnt say if they did.

CALLER: Well dogs do and if they were that vicious I should imagine they would. If they were so vicious that they needed to be shot,.....(interrupted by rspca)

RSPCA: I cant generalize like that, I dont know if,..(interrupted by caller)

CALLER: ....then I should imagine that they would have gone absolutely berserk. Specially having strangers on their territory as well, losing their owner, and having strangers on their territory, I should imagine the dogs would have been going absolutely mental ok,..(interrupted by rspca)

RSPCA: I imagine...(interrupted by caller)

CALLER: so...and then someone, somebody get close enough to get a direct aim into their (dogs) head,...(interrupted by rspca)

RSPCA: ok, maybe..(interrupted by caller)

CALLER: First time? Second time? Third time? Fourth time? Fifth time?, How many shots did it take to kill those animals?

RSPCA: well there was 10 dogs so I imagine 10.

CALLER: Ten?, ten, ok so one bullet per mental dog?

RSPCA: Is there anything I can actuallt help you with? because Ive answered those questions which I can see you're not satisfied with, I cant actually change fact.

CALLER: No, because I dont believe a word of it. I think those dogs just got shot for the sake of being shot. Because if they were that,....why did they tell the next of kin to go else where if those dogs were in such a bad bad way?

RSPCA: So what would you have suggested would of happed with dogs that aren't rehomable, that no one would take, not us....(interrupted by caller)

CALLER: well they were assessed on their own territory, ok. Is it not in their nature to protect their own territory?



Anonymous said...

CALLER: I would like to know also, ok, what vet ok, because there obviously wasnt a vet present, ok. umm, we know this, ....(interrupted by rspca)

RSPCA: How do you know this?

CALLER: because we do, because you've already just said it on the phone, there was your inspectors there. We know that theres not a vet, and if there is a vet, we want to speak to that vet, and we want answers from that vet.

RSPCA: Who's we? I dont know who I'm speaking to. Is this just you or are you part of an organization?

CALLER: No, we're not part of an organization, we're a group of very very very angry public members who donate to you. which has now ceased with the news that we got about the dogs.

RSPCA: That, thats fair enough. If you feel that way then you're more than welcome to do so. I dont think I am going to be able to satisfy you over the phone on this, on this phone call, or I'm not going to be able to change your mind. You're very clearly upset, I imagine you've read about it...(interrupted by caller)

CALLER: I am very very upset. As an animal lover who gives you my money, (rspca...yes) I am very very upset, becuae when people die, the homes for life scheme that you have, what do you do? put a bullet to their dogs heads? after they've, after they've..(interrupted by rspca)

RSPCA: That would be quiet a generalization and an assumption. Every home for life animal is going to be rehomed as we have promised. Home for life animals aren't going to be the kind of dogs these (slaughtered GSD's)...(interrupted by caller)

CALLER: ..and you know that do you?

RSPCA: Just assume, you're just assuming now, we...(interrupted by caller)

CALLER: ..but hang on, do you know that? Do you know that every home for life animal is going to be rehomable?

RSPCA: If thats whats in a will then we have to do that. I, I, think...(interrupted by caller)

CALLER: I beg your pardon,? sorry....

RSPCA: Assuming every animal we have we're going to shoot for some reason, I think that is unreasonale, you know it's not true....(interrupted by caller)

CALLER:...ok, ok,...all the home for life animals, you've just said that they will be rehomed, ok, (interrupted by rspca)

RSPCA: They are home for life animals....(interrupted by caller)

CALLER: Home for life animals, what if one og those home for life animals comes to you as "vicious" as one of those German Shepherd Dogs you've just killed?

RSPCA: Well I'm not part of the home for life scheme, it would have to be assessed - it might even be assessed beforehand so, I dont know. This (GSD case) is a very very rare situation, this doesn't happen very often at all - it's very rare.


Anonymous said...

CALLER: No!? what about the other two hounds that you, that you shot through the head?


CALLER: yes, it's been in the paper, there's absolutle mayhem over it - over your actions against these poor animals, ok....pets do not...(interrupted by rspca)

RSPCA: ...ok, I can tell you are clearly upset but I'm not going to be able to answer all your questions I?

CALLER: I beg your pardon?

RSPCA: You think we're lying? How can I possibly answer your questions if you think everything I'm going to say to you is a lie?

CALLER: because it stands to reason, ok, concerning these dogs ok, these German Shepherd Dogs, it stands to reason that a dog going absolutely berserk because there are strangers on it's territory, right? (rspca - hmm), is not going to be assessed accurately..(interrupted by rspca)

RSPCA: How do you know? These people are trained....(interrupted by caller)

CALLER: .....these people are trained so they know ok, that when they take them (actual) dogs out of that environment, that they're going to be exactly the same? And they know that do they?

RSPCA: (long pause).....sorry?

CALLER: They know that those particular dogs would have been just as "vicious" taken out of their environment?

RSPCA: (pause)...they were too, they were too aggressive to move.

CALLER: ok, but someone got close enough with a gun and a grasp...(interrupted by rspca)

RSPCA: ...well someone has to get close enough to do that...

CALLER: Obviously thay got close enough, and then they killed them with one shot...yeah?

RSPCA: (long pause)........yeah, look, I dont really know where we're going to go with this.

CALLER: I'm sorry but it just doesn't seem real.

RSPCA: What can I possibly do to make this better for you?

CALLER: How can you poss......I'm affraid you cant. And do you know you have lost a hell of alot of support.

RSPCA: You're getting angry with me. I can see you're angry with the organization, I, personally, am not going to be able to satisfy you....

CALLER: ...because the organization, ok...are lying to the public - taking their money..millions of pounds...(rspca - thats your opinion)...No no no no, ok, it's proof. Millions of pounds a year (rspca - right).....taking out unecessary prosecutions and slaughtering animals unnecessary.

RSPCA: So now you think the prosecutions are unnecessary?

CALLER: Well....(interrupted by rspca)

RSPCA: ...who would you rather did the prosecutions?

CALLER: I beg your oardon?

RSPCA: Who would you rather was doing prosecutions against animal cruelty?


RSPCA: Right, then I would suggets you go to them. Is there anything else I can help you with, then, you know, please say, but I think I'm not going to be able....(interrupted by caller)

CALLER: I would ask, I would ask that you do one thing.

RSPCA: Whats that?

CALLER: Stop lying.

Call Ended.